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ATV Feeder Specs

Welder Manufacturing LLC is proud to announce the newest addition to our cake feeder family, a caker for your side by side!

  • Cakers measure 26 1/2" wide by 40 1/2" in length.
  • The empty weight is around 100lbs.
  • They hold about 650lbs of cake and 700lbs of grain.
  • Cakers will run on a 1/8 horsepower motor.
  • Also will have a 6" wide and 78" long.
  • Available on a plug kit. 
  • Available for a digital counter.


Pricing for the cakers and options are as follows:

Side by Side cakers.....................$1,650.00

Plug Kit........................................$70.00

Digital Counter.............................$150.00

For other inquires or special ordering please call: 402-966-2251

ATV Cake Feeders

Cakers will run on a 12 Volt 1/8th horsepower motor. These motors are tough and weather resistant. The belt that the motor powers, is a tough diamond weave belt, which is a lot like our full size belts. It is 6 inches wide and 78 inches long.  

Cakers will have the options to run on a plug kit, or be hard wired to the caker. The plug kit will consist of one plug, and depending if you decide on a counter or not, will decide which plug will be used on the set up. A four prong plug will be used if you go with no counter. A 7 prong plug will be used if decide on a counter. 

The only option we have for a counter on the side by side cakers, are our digital counters (new last year). We have a lot in circulation right now and have not had any problems with them. (picture of digital display above) These counters run on a sensor that counts revolutions as a steel bar passes by. You will have to calibrate the counter so you know how many pounds of feed you are putting out per revolution, because this system only counts revolutions. 

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