Welder Manufacturing LLC Cake Feeder Specs

  • Gooseneck horse trailers can only be pulled with a 1,000LB or a 1,400LB cake feeder on a long box pickup.
  • All of our cakers have 2' sidewalls.
  • You have the color option of black or white.
  • Flatbed caker heights vary from 4'2" to 4'5".
  • Over the side caker heights are 4'8".
  • All of our cakers are belt driven by a 3/4 HP, 12 volt motor.
  •  A standard Cake Feeder comes with a revolution counting system, which consists of a communication between two magnets that pass each other on a rotation. A calculator is used to indicate the amount of feed dispensed, and it displays in the cab of the pickup.
  • We have come out with a new digital counter that eliminates the use of magnets and fine wiring. We have confident feelings that this new counter will alleviate common communication malfunctions between feeder and pickup. These digital counters are a small steel box that will mount in the cab of the pickup as well, but will simply plug into the vehicle's power point. In place of the magnet that attached to the feeder sprocket, a narrow steel piece is mounted. Browse our gallery for these photos.   
  • Feeders can be wired one of two ways. They are either hard wired permanently to your pickup, or set up on a Big Plug Kit. This kit runs the wiring harness through two trailer plugs that mount behind the cab. This kit is extremely popular, as the feeder can be removed from the pickup in the off season by simply popping the two plugs out and unbolting it from the flatbed.
  • All flatbed cake feeder models are available to be scaled, over the side cakers are not.

Price Reduction Effective as of: 2/15/2017. Prices Listed Below are the new list price. 

Caker sizes are as follows:

  • 1,000LB              24"X70"

  • 1,400LB              30"X70"

  • 1,800LB              36"X70"

  • 2,000LB              40"X70"

Flatbed feeder...........$2,831.00

Over the side feeder..$3,209.00


Big Plug Kit................$178.00

New Digital Counter on new caker: $150.00.

Upgrade old caker to new digital counter: $240.00

*Additional custom order sizes include:

**Please inquire about custom orders ahead of time. These orders are subject to limitation during our busy times.

  • 3,000LB              56"x70"
  • 4,000LB              70"x70"

**Over the side cakers can only be ordered in 1,400LB and 2,000LB models.

If you are in need of a new belt for your feeder, we will need to know what size you have. An easy way to determine the length is to provide us with a center to center measurement on the rollers in your feeder, and from that we will determine which belt you need.

For example and your knowledge:

Center to Center 48"                    102" Belt

Center to Center 60"                    126" Belt

Center to Center 72"                    150" Belt

Cake Feeders

WelderManufacturing LLC

If you cannot come to us for your caker, we have the ability to ship cakers all over the country via Brown Transfer.

We have all the parts to get your old caker running like new again! We have the ability to ship all over the country through UPS or US mail depending on the size of the package!!