WelderManufacturing LLC

Auto Gates                          $1200.00

Gate Levers                   $37.50
Snaps                              $7.50

Brace Pipes        6'        $14.00

                           8'         $34.30

Deadman                       $14.00   Rods Only, WITH eyes.   $4.50 Rods Only, W/O eyes.     $1.41

*We have so many more fencing supplies available, call today!

We have assorted angle, flat, square and round tubing for all of your projects needs, along with sheet metal.

Call for availability. We have limited assortment on steel, as we keep on hand what we use specifically. Do not fret, we have a steel truck that delivers twice a week. If you need to place an order for your steel needs, we can do that for you.

11 GA Feed Bunk             $660.00

12 GA Feed Bunk             $620.00

6', 8', and 10' Windmill Towers (Without Anchors) 20'        $825.00

Unpainted Towers             $800.00

Pump adapters                      $115.00

Float Switch                           $83.75

*We also offer a variety of well parts, such as, leathers, pump rods, tail springs, and more!

Wind Break Steel

*Please call ahead for availability. Call to schedule pick up date to endure loading help.

*A $1.00 per sheet fee will be added to order if you make us load windbreak in your horse trailer, because let's face it, that is not an enjoyable chore! ;)

  • Galvanized 21' 6" X 3'

    • $65.50 Per Sheet

    • $65.00 Bundle Price

Panel Trailer                    $3,050.00

Panels                             $155.00 EA.

Panels To Rent Per Day     $150.00

Panel Pins               5/8"      $3.50

                                1/2"      $5.25

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