Overhead Bins

Welder Manufacturing offers a variety of other products such as:

  • Windmill Towers

  • Windbreak Steel

  • Gate Levers

  • Panel Trailers and Panels

  • 11 GA or 12 GA Feed Bunks  


Other Products

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Welder manufacturing overhead bins and cake/bulk feeders 

WelderManufacturing LLC

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Our Overhead bins are available in a variety of sizes.

  • 24 Ton

  • 28 Ton

  • 30 Ton

All available as single or double compartments. **Custom sizes are available upon request. 

Our Cake feeder sizes are as follows:

  • 1,000 LB   24"X70"
  • 1,400LB  30"X70"
  • 1,800LB  36"X70"
  • 2,000LB  40"X70"
  • ATV Cakers 26.5"X40.5"

*Over the side cakers only can be ordered in 1,400LB and 2,000LB models.